d Uri III vom Spanger-Forst

Uri III vom Spanger Forst

gewölft am: 09/08/2021
Farbe: brsch
Zuchtbuch-Nr.: 248461
Zuchtschau F/H: 10/10
Zuchtschau H/L: 64/65
VJP 1: 75
HZP 1: 222 (232,0 Hegewaldpunkte)
HZP 2: 181
VGP 1: I./ 332 ÜF

Medizinische Befunde: HD(A), OC(D) frei, ED frei
Leistungszeichen: HN

Beschreibung: Uri III Vom Spanger Forst is a tame and disciplined dog. He is connected and extremely loyal to his owner and loves being with his family. Characterized by its strong aptitude for hunting and an extremely developed sense of smell. He turns the right amount of aggression only towards the wild, being friendly towards other dogs and towards humans.
Resistance, strength and speed are the aspects that distinguish it during hunting trips, together with the solid stop and the retrieve. Uri III reported excellent results in all morphological and work performance tests

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